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  • How do I sign my rental agreement?
    Once your registration is complete you should receive our rental agreements to sign via email prior to delivery or we will always have forms at drop off for you.
  • How do I arrange delivery?
    If you are on Swan Lake, Pebble lake or Wall lake (near Fergus Falls) there will be no delivery fee. If Delivery is needed please make sure to book the "delivery" pontoon of your choice on our Rental Services Page The delivery rates are $200 for the Funship and $150 for the Sweetwater Our location address is 18555 260th St, Fergus Falls, MN 56537
  • How many passengers can go on each pontoon
    The Avalon FunShip is an 18-passenger double decker pontoon with a waterslide. We have a 9 passenger Sweetwater Pontoon. We have an 11 passenger Sweetwater Pontoon.
  • What Size Motors & Sea Legs
    Sweetwater 9 passenger is a 50HP, 20 foot/ NO sea legs, there are anchors on board Sweetwater 11 passenger is a 50HP, 20 foot/ NO sea legs, there are anchors on board Avalon funship Tritoon with a 150HP, 28foot /NO sea legs, there are anchors on board
  • How many life jackets are included?
    The Avalon FunShip has 18 Adult lifejackets on board. The 9 passenger Sweetwater has 9 adult lifejackets on board. The 11 passenger Sweetwater has 11 adult lifejackets on board. If you need smaller lifejackets let us know.
  • What if I need kid life jackets?
    If your'e needing smaller life jackets let us know. We will be in communication via phone / text or email prior to rental.
  • What about gas?
    The rental should be retuned with the same amount of gas that it had when you received it. You as a customer will be charged extra for the difference if the rental is returned with any amount of gas less than the rental had when it was released to you. The FunShip and BOTH Sweetwater pontoons require Premium unleaded 91.
  • How can we rent for longer than 1 day
    Absolutely, we have the price breakdown listed in booking.
  • How can I contact G3 Rentals?
    You can reach us via email at or via Text/Call Danna at 701-541-5964 or Brock at 218-205-6115 with any questions
  • Can we boat at night?
    No. There is no boating from dusk until dawn.
  • How old must I be to lease a boat?
    You must be over the age of 25. ID must be shown upon pick up or delivery.
  • Is alcohol allowed on board the pontoons?
    There will be no tolerance on drinking or drugs while operating either of the pontoons. If we receive reports of wreckless behavior, G3 reserves the right to terminate service early and take back possession of the rental.
  • Is my scheduled rental refundable?
    Rentals are refundable under the following guidelines. Cancelations two weeks out are fully refundable. Cancelations one week out will only be halfway refunded. Cancelations under and at two days out are non-refundable.
  • Can we pull tubers or skiers?
    We do not permit tubing or skiing behind the pontoons that we provide for rent.
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